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Hello, my name is Udo Neumann, and I am the founder and CEO of Igan Mich Consulting. After 30 years of experience in many industries on a global scale, I arrived in Michigan and founded Igan Mich Consulting. If you ask yourself what this company name is all about, read the sentence again. As an entrepreneur, I love creating, and I have a passion for not only improving things but also rethinking and sometimes reinventing them to make not only better but innovativ. Whenever we do that, we think of the customer or user first, as they use and pay for your products for one reason it create a value add for them.

Let's discuss how we can help you to improve your business. I will share my outside view for free and you decide how valuable this is for you and your business.

AI is here - we help you to use it!

Real world business cases based on specific trained LLM’s.
We analyze your business processes and create scalable AI agent models trained for efficiency!

Consulting AI
Artificial Intelligence Consulting

We are experts in the field of AI and use technology, which helps your business to get all the benefits out of a specific AI solution tailored to your needs.

Innovation creation
Digital Transformation
Trained Sales AI Assistants

We train our models on your sales data and create a ready-to-use AI bot for your products. Branded in your style, trained to service your customer values based on your data. Increasing you CSI while reducing your customer service times and costs by 30+%

Trained Service AI Assistants

We analyze your customer service processes and create a streamlined AI assistant which supports your customer with all the service request you have on the high quality based on your service information and processes, 24/7

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We are different - and proud to be!

We offer limited services, because we focus on quality and not quantity. What we do, We do extraordinary!

Business consulting
Business Consulting

Allow us to examine the way you use technology and conduct business. We are skilled at streamlining processes and identifying technology effectiveness to elevate your company into a benchmark position.

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

Our focus is use newest technology, like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning to improve business processes, Our Focus is on results we can measures.

Innovation Management
Innovation Management

Innovation management is crucial for business growth because it drives the development of new products and improvements, keeping a company competitive and relevant.

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We are different, but that is what our customers love. We are putting ourselves 100% and often more into your shoes and we act like it is our company.